Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two in one week!

Wow! Apparently, there really are people out there reading FSTS... (Some of whom are not even friends of mine! I'm amazed!)

This week I was contacted by a reader at College Crunch who is apparently a fan.

I didn't know of CC before; it's a resource for college students (and college student wannabes). In addition to the stuff about how to get a BS in Psych at the U. of Phoenix, they've got a good mix of articles about movies and TV.

I particuarly like the fact that they're big list makers. (Almost every journalist likes the top ten -- or top five -- list.)

Every top 10 list ever written, of course, has plenty to disagree with on it -- but that's part of the fun.

On CC's list of the top 10 animated features, for instance, they rank Finding Nemo at number 6, but Pinocchio and Dumbo didn't make the cut. (I might be alone in finding the Albert Brooks character in Finding Nemo unbearably annoying.) Outrageous! I still tear up at the "Baby Mine, Don't You Cry" lullaby in Dumbo. (And I'm not even going to mention the fact that they list Tuesdays With Morrie as one of the must read books before you get to college.)

But that's the point of lists, isn't it? To spur angry dissent, arguments, and your own alternative list. So, schlubfans, check out College Crunch and see for yourselves.